What’s left of it…

Okay I’ve spent about one and a half hours on todays blog posting and WordPress lost the whole thing when publishing it. Even took the backup revisions straight with it.

I’m sorry, there’s not going to be a new blog entry for today, despite my best efforts and promises and I don’t have time to write one tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait until friday…if I can motivate myself to rewrite those 1500 words. Goddamnit….

It’ll never be the same again…

Well, those were a couple of productive days…just not for the blog 😉

I bought, built and set up a new gaming system, after the mainboard from my old one was slowly starting to die on me. Well, it’s been way over 5 years since I got that gaming PC and I thought: Why not get a new one. So that, and the new job, kept me from posting for the last few days.

Today will be a slightly demotivating post, not a long one (I say this every time, but I constantly fail at keeping it brief), but maybe it’ll serve to keep old players from coming back to the game with the wrong expectations and push some current players, who still keep playing for the wrong reasons, to stop.

Anyone else who’s actually managing to enjoy the game, keep playing an keep having fun. Maybe you can let me in on your secret to enjoy the current iteration of WoW, because I just can’t figure it out.

Alright:WoW Classic! Vanilla WoW! The good old days! Whatever you call it. It’s often associated with better times, higher mountains to climb, harder challenges to overcome, more diverse classes and talents, meaningful professions, realm communities, communication between strangers…you name it.


Oh you...

I’m not sure there are a lot of real vanilla players left. No, not the ones that just experienced the old pre-Cataclysm world. I mean players who played before the first expansion and got to level 60 and were maybe even raiding. I don’t think even 1% of the current playerbase has started back then. Most of them aren’t there anymore, they quit at various expansions, claiming that “TBC/WOTLK/CATA/MOP has ruined WoW!”. Fine, I don’t really care why they left.

What I do care about is the fact, that almost nobody is left. I guess there are even more active players that started with WoW after WotLK came out than before, even though TBC had the biggest active playerbase. This is very important, because I think a lot of oldschool players who don’t like the current state of the game, but still keep playing, do so because they hope one day WoW will get “good” again and return to the way it used to be and the way they remember it. That’s one of the reasons I still play the game, but that wish will probably never be fulfilled and I’m here to tell you why.

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The world of World of Warcraft is dead

But probably not the way you think.

The usual argument used to be “the zones are empty, there are no players anywhere, it feels like a single player game”.

With the introduction of the Cross Realm Zones (CRZ) Blizzard has somewhat fixed that situation, resulting in full zones again, including all the drawbacks like mob tagging/stealing, ore/leather/herb “stealing” etc.

But the fact that in WoW other players are often seen as something bad is not todays topic.


No, today I’ll take a look at the actual content that’s available in the game and how much it’s still used.

Good thing we've got Andiun Wrynn now!

You see, in theory, World of Warcraft is absolutely massive, but with each expansion tons of content become totally obsolete and with the constantly increased leveling speed, players see less and less of the content that’s still available.

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Sorry for the recent lack of new posts…

I got a new job and have to restructure a couple of things in my daily routine. Not sure if I can keep up the daily entries, as they take up quite some time, but I’ll see what I can do and keep you updated!

How the mighty have fallen!

AKA: Epic Legendary is the new blue!

You know what bothers me? Epic items! Well, not epic items per se, but how they (and most of the rest of the item hierarchy as well) suddenly became easily available.

There once was a time where the item quality name was a fitting description of the actual rarity and quality ingame.


This will be a slightly shorter entry…maybe. I’ll talk a little bit about the different item qualities and how they’ve changed over time. Some didn’t change, others experienced significant tweaks to their availability and role in the game.

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Captcha FTW!

I might not have many readers yet, but I already attracted a significant number of friendly spambot who like to annoy me by posting dumb comments with links to their fabulous websites. That’s why I have installed a captcha plugin which should slow the whole process down a bit.

Happy new year! Short rant: 5 man frustration!

First things first: Happy new year to you! I hope you arrived well in 2013

Just a short entry for today. This is probably not going to be very constructive, just a short rant about the current situation of 5 man dungeons.

Yeah, I’m totally making a lame whiny post because there were stupid people in my random dungeons. Shocking! Yep…so, totally unjustified but most of my complaints aren’t about dumb people but about the current heroic dungeons, so bear with me (or wait until tomorrows post ^^)


First a little bit about my reasons for running heroic dungeons:

My current activity in WoW (while I’m waiting for my annual pass to expire) is getting the valor factions to revered (one left, should takt another week), going LFR once a week and mainly running heroic 5 man dungeons for my blue item set. So in order to get the “best in slot”-blue and to have room for experimentation, I’m collecting pretty much all usable loot from heroics (and later maybe even scenarios) to reforge, gem, upgrade and enchant it to perfection. Of course, that’s pretty stupid from a min-maxing perspective because I could get much better gear in maybe even less time by focusing on epic items. In addition to that, I’m leveling my professions to get the most out of them and actually make use of that in 5 man dungeons.

So yes, I often enter a random 5 man dungeon better prepared and buffed than other people go into a raid. BUT while wearing just blue items…

Sounds pretty stupid and it probably is, but I think of it as an interesting experiment and like the thought that I might be the only WoW player (out of 10 million) who does this 😉

Of course I’m getting some epic items every now and then, but I just put them in my backpack, don’t reforge, gem, enchant or upgrade them. Why? I’d like to see how far “perfect” blue gear will take you in terms of raw performance compared to “junk” epics….the kind of gear worn by oh so many people who just don’t give two shits about their performance.

I'm constantly short on justice points

Anyways…5 man dungeons. Didn’t I just write a lenghty series of posts on this? Well, here’s more!

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