Just a quick test for all the “newcomers”

I’m going to resurrect this blog within the next couple of days but before that, I’d like to make a quick test posting to check for spambots.


You see, previously I’ve allowed for anyone to post and I had to delete hundreds of spam postings.

So I installed some captchas, removed the ability to post on older topics and added mandatory user accounts. Within the last couple of months dozens of “users” registered here, most of them likely spambots. This posting will just test how many of them reply.


I suppose if I get spamposts again, I’ll just get rid of all the restrictive measures and go back to allowing guests to post here while manually approving (or deleting) those postings. So you won’t see any spam while not being restricted by captchas or account creation.


The next posting will probably the “What’s left of it…” one which got eaten by a grue 😉