Unity 3D Stealth Tutorial (Development Day ??)

It seems like I haven’t really posted any detailed updates on the progress I made in Unity from Development Day 16, where I just finished Chapter one of the stealth tutorial. As you can see in the last Unity Post here, I continuously worked through the tutorial and I’m almost at the end. Time to push forward!

unity stealth
Trying to get acquainted with the UI again

I’ll go over todays progress in more detail here:

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Scarlet Monastery: Warcraft Dungeon Challenge 3

Alright, progress! This time we’ve tackled and unexpectedly cleared Scarlet Monastery. Due to the difficulty of Houndmaster Brown, we had to level up quite a lot and one- or two-shot most bosses in the Monastery. But that doesn’t mean it was easy, far from it. Anyways, let’s get to it. Today we’ll take a look at the following bosses:

Thalnos the Soulrender

Brother Korloff

High Inquisitor Whitemane

These bosses are level 33 (Thalnos) to 34 (the rest). We on the other hand were slightly lower, level 25 to be exact. Merely 8 or 9 levels below the bosses and of course we’re just two players.


A few boring facts about Scarlet Monastery:

The minimum level to actually zone into the instance is 23. We’re a little bit higher, but not much.¬†You can queue directly for it from level 28, of course you’ll be doing the dungeon with five players of similar level. I believe the random queue requirement is even higher, about Lvl30. The mobs are around Level 32/33 and the bosses 33/34. At level 25 we were well below that of course.

Here we go!

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