Now where were we? Ah yes, Dire Maul!

Huh, I actually had to check my own blog to see where I last left off in our little dungeon adventure.

As far as I can tell, Uldaman had been cleared.

Right! So let’s get on with it! Next on the list is the first wing of Dire Maul and I’m glad we were able to complete Uldaman at 31, because the minimum level to enter Dire Maul is 31.


Dire Maul used to be a massive instance for players close to or at max level, spanning from level 56-60. You were supposed to tackle different parts of the instance at different levels and return many times, but technically you could clear the whole thing in one long run.

Today the dungeon has been slightly updated, split in different parts and because most players leave for TBC content at 58, Dire Maul didn’t get a lot of visitors anymore, so the level range was heavily reduced to a minimum of 31 with mobs ranging from 36 to 52 in all wings.

To be honest, I didn’t do a lot of DM runs back in the day as the location was a little bit inconvenient. We did a bunch of guild runs and I did complete all quests in there and we also did the tribute run, but unlike other instances I don’t really remember the trash mob placement or bosses and their abilities.


At level 31 with only two players and low dps, the trash in this instance is absolutely brutal. We’re slowly getting into the realm of more trash abilities and boss phases/abilities and with “huge” trash packs of 4-5 mobs with different abilities and mixed melee and ranged mobs, it can be really tricky. Of course the bosses are nothing to sneeze at, but in general I was more afraid of some Satyr packs than I was of the bosses. Kiting the mobs while getting some distance to recover HP is key.

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Operations will soon commence…

Sorry for the long wait folks, but it’s been a madhouse over here. If I wasn’t swamped with work, I was sick, so I didn’t get anywhere with my blog.

But luckily all that is (almost) behind me now and I’ve already prepared a couple of things for the next postings, namely a World of Warcraft Dungeon update and also Unity Game Development will continue shortly as well.

Other than that a scary webserver move is on the horizon in a couple of weeks where I have to move two WordPress projects and other stuff…I really hope nothing goes wrong. It’s especially annoying, because I just recently got everything working and now I’ve got to move again…bah. Oh well, at least it’s supposed to improve performance and give me more space etc.

See you soon!