Dungeon Duo Continues: Zul’Farrak Clear?

Zul’Farrak is weird

This week we tackle Zul’Farrak. Actually we’ve already went into the dungeon a couple of weeks ago and did some re-testing after the post-Legion HP adjusting hotfix.

The Loading Screen
The Loading Screen

As usual, if you’re not familiar with the dungeon duo series, we’re two gnomes, Brewmaster tank and Discipline healer, trying to complete dungeons at the lowest possible level, without damage dealers, because that’s apparently the only way to get a challenge while leveling. Click here to read more.

So, Zul’Farrak, or ZF for short, unlocks at level 39, with the mobs ranging from 47-49, bosses are 49. We entered at 39, with very low hopes. We had bashed our head at Dire Maul: North and also West for countless weeks now, leveling up, not progressing and the idea of tackling higher level mobs seemed outrageous at the time. But we were in desperate need of some diversion, so we wanted to try our luck.

This was after the Legion prepatch, but before the HP increase, so we had a massively reduced toolset and much lower survivability, but higher DPS.

Let’s start with the trash and continue with the bosses, shall we?

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Dungeon Duo Brewmaster Monk before and after Legion

The Brewmaster Monk

The Brewmaster is a fun spec to play with, movement heavy and a little bit different from other tank classes. I picked this spec for the project for no particular reason other than that I didn’t have a monk yet.

I played the old brewmaster from Level 1-37 and the “new” overhauled Legion one until Level 40.  Doesn’t sound much, but that’s about 200 hours /played consisting almost exclusively of tanking. I did a little bit of questing and some random dungeons, but for the most part I’ve played together with the Priest.

I guess Pandas make for more convincing Brewmaster Monks than Gnomes
I guess Pandas make for more convincing Brewmaster Monks than Gnomes

I don’t know anything about Monks in endgame and how they’re “supposed” to be played, but most of that doesn’t really apply to us anyway and probably the way I play the Monk seems a bit weird, but it actually works, or is even required, in our special case.

In this post, I’d like to explain the old playstyle and abilities and then compare it to the way Legion works, while explaining the difficulties I’m having with the new gameplay style.

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