Day 8: Consecutive

So far I’ve taken more days off than I have posted updates. Time to change that!


Alright, day 8 of my little challenge and we’re -almost- halfway through the second tutorial.


On todays menu:

Chapter 07: Creating Shots, Chapter 08: Shooting Shots, Chapter 09: Boundary and Chapter 10: Creating Hazards.

As always, you’re more than invited to follow along and get to know Unity yourself. The tutorial videos are short and very well done, so you’ll be able to progress quite fast.

Here’s a screenshot todays work:

Very simple scripting

In gaming updates:

World of Warcraft is getting somewhat boring, but that’s not really surprising. Right now I’d like to level my prot warrior to 100 and just tank everything, but that takes time. We’ll see. I’ll probably take a break until a couple of content patches have arrived and the next expansions release date has been announced. By then there’ll be plenty of new content for me.

Until then, I’ll probably try to finally finish Dark Souls (only Gwyn left) and try out Issue #10 in The Secret World. Issue #9 was somewhat of a letdown, especially considering it’s f*king 東京, but they absolutely deserve another chance.


Day 6: Ship model, camera and lighting

Little progress, but still progress πŸ˜‰


Today, Chapter 03: The player gameobject and Chapter 04: Camera and Lighting were completed. Basically the same procedure as in the previous tutorial, but slightly more complex. Using a premade model instead of just a primitive object, more lighting and a different camera setting.

This is how it looks so far, pretty boring:

Player model selected in scene view

Tomorrow I’d -really- like to complete the next four chapters in one sitting, so hopefully you can look forward to:

  1. Adding a background

  2. Moving the player

  3. Creating shots

  4. Shooting Shots

Until then!

Day 5: New Tutorial

Today I got started on the next tutorial: Space Shooter


So far I finished Chapter 1: Introduction and Chapter 2: Setting up the Project

I had a bit of trouble with the importing of the assets, Unity would crash at different points during the process and I never figured out why. This cost me some time, so I

Tomorrow I’l try to get Chapters 3-6 done, to make up for todays slightly reduced speed.


So nothing special happened today, unfortunately πŸ˜‰

Day 3: Too slow…?

Today I did parts 03-06 of the first tutorial, so I’m almost done with the very first, very simple example.


However, I feel like I’m taking way too long. This should really be a quick one-day project and tomorrow will be the third day I’m working on it. The problem isn’t the difficulty (there is none), but my free time, of which I should have plenty. At some point in the day I’m losing a couple of hours…gotta figure out what’s going on there πŸ˜‰


Anyway, here’s a screenshot of the current progress. Once I’m done, I’ll put a compiled download of the tutorial “game” up on this blog. Don’t expect anything, this is basically a “Hello World” application.

unity3d tutorial 1
Collecting Blocks

Day 2: Small steps

I’m a little bit unsure how to proceed with the blog from here on, because I’d like to post daily, but that would mean shorter postings. I guess I’ll figure it out over time.


Okay, back to business.

With a slight delay, I started with the first tutorial on

The introduction is just an overview and completed very quickly.


Assignment 01: Setting up the game

Very simple and quick, a basic scene is set up with some lighting and some tips are given about organization of game objects.


Assignment 02: Moving the player

This tutorial explains how to set up some easy controls and link them to the player object.


Didn’t get very much done today, but better something than nothing. More tomorrow.

DevDay 1: Getting started

Okay, today I’ll talk about how I’m going to progress in the beginning.


As already mentioned earlier, I’ll be using the Unity3D engine, which is very popular both with independent developers as well as bigger teams, both for prototyping and actual development of a fully fledged product.

It’s a complete engine with almost everything on board required to make a game. You’ll also want some method of creating assets, which is why I’ll learn Blender on the side as well, but not right from the beginning.

This is the Unity3D website, where the basic version of the engine can be downloaded for free. You also have access to a number of tutorials, which I will be using in the upcoming days.

Blender can be found here, it’s also free and quite popular. But I won’t be covering this right away.


The Unity3D download is about 1GB. I’ve got everything installed and set up and will report on my progress through the first tutorial tomorrow!