Unity and other Status

Time to get back on track with everything and I’ll make a few minor changes.

Unity 3D

I still fully intend to finish the current tutorial game, but it’ll probably be the last. I’ll also finish the tutorial with the provided assets for now, to get to a playable product, or let’s call it a prototype. From there I’ll work on expanding the gameplay, game, interface and overhauling the visuals.

So I expect to finish the tutorial much quicker now. My new work schedule has settled and I’ve freed some time each week to work with Unity again, yay ^^

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Operations will soon commence…

Sorry for the long wait folks, but it’s been a madhouse over here. If I wasn’t swamped with work, I was sick, so I didn’t get anywhere with my blog.

But luckily all that is (almost) behind me now and I’ve already prepared a couple of things for the next postings, namely a World of Warcraft Dungeon update and also Unity Game Development will continue shortly as well.

Other than that a scary webserver move is on the horizon in a couple of weeks where I have to move two WordPress projects and other stuff…I really hope nothing goes wrong. It’s especially annoying, because I just recently got everything working and now I’ve got to move again…bah. Oh well, at least it’s supposed to improve performance and give me more space etc.

See you soon!

Please stand by…

…as I’m doing a little bit of restructuring. My current job just changed earlier this week and thus did my whole schedule and I’m currently trying to get everything back in order.

I’ll continue the blog later this month, thank you for your patience πŸ™‚

This & that…

Well, nothing major going on right now and other articles are still in the works, so I might as well write about some various updates.

Tech Talk: Taking it too far?

The T43 upgrade project is basically finished and unless I get a different mainboard, there’s no way to increase the performance of the system.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t improve it. I like to keep things in a good condition. As you all know, computer and especially laptop keyboard keys tend to get worn out over the years. The mat finish makes way for glossy spots on the most used keys, which makes the whole thing look much worse than it is. It looks dirty, even if it’s not.

Of course I could get a new replacement keyboard, but these things are expensive, so there’s a different method for Thinkpad keyboards. It might work on other models as well, but I’m not sure about that.

You can put a coat of clear varnish on the keys, which will basically restore the new look of the keyboard and according to people who’ve had these restored keyboards for a while, it’s more durable than the original plastic.

I didn’t do the procedure for my keyboard myself, since the materials are more expensive than a new keyboard, so it’s only worth it if you have a bunch of keyboards to work with.

Anyways, here are before and after pictures. Look at the space key for example.


It basically looks like a new laptop now. Of course this doesn’t improve performance or usability, but it still feels better to work with the new keyboard.

Now Playing


A friend of mine has urged me to try “Clash of Clans”, a free-to-play (actually borderline pay to win in my opinion) strategy game on Android. It’s kind of fun for a while, but as usual progress gets really slow after a while, making you either want to quit or spend cash on boosting your progress ingame.

World of Warcraft

I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft lately. The Dungeon Challenge project is waiting for the completion of Uldaman and our first attempt at Dire Maul.


But right now I’m also leveling several characters through the quest zones to finally see all the new Cataclysm content on both factions. I haven’t played a lot of Horde in 10 years of WoW, so it’s like a new expansion for me right now. Which is perfect, because the current WoD endgame is boring and Legion is still far away.

So far I’ve finished the 1-10 zones on my Horde and Alliance characters and almost three 10-20 zones on the Horde side. I’m not sure how to structure future progress, because I want to use the opportunity to level a bunch of classes I never had at a high level, but I also don’t want to level a bunch characters through all the same expansion zones.


Another thing I’m working on (when I need a break from leveling) is finally getting some gold in WoW. In 10 years of playing I was never rich. I could usually afford what I needed, but even the old gold-cap of ~214k gold was so far out of reach. Now it’s at 1 million gold, and even though there’s a high inflation, especially since WoD, I usually can’t afford anything “nice”, which is a shame because I like collecting old items that aren’t obtainable anymore, and they’re usually just too expensive for me. Even pre-TBC I was unable to afford my epic mount. I think I had about 600g when the expansion hit and finally borrowed the rest from a fellow guildmate shortly after launch.

So, I’m trying to increase my income, but because I don’t have a lot of time, I’m trying to find the best way for me that is not boring and doesn’t take ages.

I’m also thinking about buying game time tokens with that gold, so WoW essentially becomes free to play for me. Unfortunately, gametime tokens are pretty expensive in Europe, around 90.000 gold, so even with one million gold, I could barely afford a years worth of game time. And with the prices rising, I’m not sure the time required to get 90k gold is worth less than the 13€ for a month. US servers have a much lower price, less than 40k gold. But I’m glad I don’t live in Korea or Taiwan, where the tokens cost about 175k gold. Can you imagine getting almost 200.000 gold each month just to pay for your game time and only the game time after that is actual gameplay. Crazy! It also seems that the gold cap of 1 million is becoming a little bit low…

So, that’s about it for now. I hope I can finish my next article for tomorrow, so I’ll see you then…maybe!

Day 15: I’m back!

Hey everybody!

After a fun week of being pretty sick and tied to the bed, I’m finally back with the beginning of the next tutorial: Project Stealth

This one is pretty big. While the previous tutorials all had about 10-20 videos, this one is divided into four big chapters with 5-8 videos each.


Watch the introduction about the project here: Project Overview


Today I just did the basic project setup to get back into using Unity3D, but I’ll try to pick up the pace, because I want to get this and the next tutorial done before April. Wish me luck.


Chapter 1.01: Game Setup and Lighting


I suspect this tutorial will be coming with even more premade stuff, primarily everything concerning the assets side. So I won’t build the level, it’s a complete prefab and I’m sure I also won’t do anything fancy with animations. Sounds, Music etc. are of course also already provided.

Next time let’s see how the scripting stuff is being handled.