Day 4: First tutorial completed (still way too slow)

The first tutorial is done.

This should really have been completed in just one session, but I’m working on improving my time schedule. Especially since the later tutorials are more lengthy and complex, I’ll have to improve my productivity a lot.

Looks really boring...and it is!

Today I finished parts 7 and 8 of the first tutorial on the Unity3D website. Still, all really simple stuff, and I remember most of it, even though Unity has changed slightly since I last used it.


If you want to try out the game, you have four options:

(use the arrow keys to control the ball)

1) Play it in the browser, which requires the Unity Web Player plugin (I think).

2) Download the Windows version. Note: You have to exit the game with Alt+F4 after you’re done.

3) Download it for Linux

4) Download it for MacOS

Options 3 + 4 are untested, so…yeah, I don’t know if they work or if I uploaded the right files.



Tomorrow: Space Shooter

This tutorial uses premade assets and has twice as many chapters, so I have to stop being so lazy!


Hey everybody, I’m still alive.

Of course I’ve been playing a lot of WoD and I actually enjoy it quite a bit. The questing is a lot of fun, maybe the best leveling experience ever in the game, and the endgame is enjoyable as well, with the new group finder. If I quit before it turns into a grind to get another .4 iLvls for my character, it’s an excellent expansion.


But I’m actually here to announce some changes coming to this blog. Until a while ago, I haven’t been able to work towards my future dream of becoming an indipendent game designer/developer. Now that my time schedule has recieved some drastic changes, I’m finally able to invest some time into making games.

The problem is, that I’ve forgotten how to use most of the tools I started learning a few years ago, before I had to use the time for something else. That means, I’ll relearn everything from scratch, starting with Unity3D and most likely Blender as well. I’ll probably improve my Gimp skills as well, because even though I’ve been using the software, I’m not doing much with it.


So, my plan is to once again post daily on this website. Either about my personal progress or about my thoughts on the world of game development in general.

I won’t post on weekends, because I probably need some time off as well 😉


I hope it will be fun to read the new content and maybe even interesting to follow me along as I expand my skills.


My goal is to create a couple of “practice” games, mostly by following tutorials from the web and books and by the end of the year be able to put together a small game by myself, using my own assets. I actually hope to reach that goal much sooner and I’m afraid I might reach it much later 😉


So, thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

What this is all about…

Well, the banner already gives the answer, but I’ll go into a little bit more detail…just in case anybody actually reads this 😉


This blog will simply be about my observations on computer and video games in general, but with a focus on the game design aspect. Other blog entries will cover my own thoughts and experiments in game development as well as all projects related to gaming, game design and game development.

One more thing I’ll cover every now and then will be World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing this game on and off since 2004 and it’s a love/hate relationship. I really love the approach Blizzard took with WoW classic, and to a lesser extent Burning Crusade as well, but as we all know, they’ve changed their focus quite drastically following the unexpected success of the game. I’ll try my best to cover these topics from a game designers perspective, but I probably can’t avoid ranting about this game. Most things they do with the game have a lot of potential, but almost everything gets screwed up to a certain extent. But that’s just my personal opinion…and I’m certain most of the current or newer players won’t agree with me at all, but that’s fine.

I started playing MMORPGs in 97/98 with Ultima Online and switched to WoW once UO changed from a skill based open world game to an item and stat based quest/instance oriented game. I know, WoW is exactly the same (even worse, I hated WoW classic when I started playing), but at least it was a change of scenery. Originally WoW was just meant to be a stopgap solution until I found a suitable successor to UO, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Now I periodically play WoW for a couple of months, get increasingly displeased with everything I do, quit the game, vowing never to return and resubscribe a couple of months later.


I’ve been playing video games for almost 25 years now and started programming a few years after playing my first game. I’ve studied computer science and I guess my current job is more or less in that field, but I’m trying to start working as a game designer/developer with a small independent team. I’m constantly researching game design topics and even got a letter of recommendation from David Perry a couple of years ago. Right now I’m working on a small RPG with the free Unity game engine as a learning project, I’ll cover the development process in this blog as well. Oh and I’m also learning Japanese…I guess I’ll figure out a way to link this to gaming so I can post about my progress as well 😉