Now Playing: Wizardry Online

In the “Now Playing” series I’ll be taking a look at other MMORPGs every now and then. As you might remember, WoW has always been a temporary solution in my quest to find a worthy replacement for Ultima Online, so I’m always trying new games that look promising.

Wizardry is one of the oldest RPG series today, and probably the oldest still alive. The online game was released a while ago in Japan, where the series is still very popular and I tried to play it. I had the client, registered an account on my japanese eMail adress and even used a japanese proxy to connect to the game, but to no avail. The publisher was quite crafty and managed to lock me out of the game no matter what I did. At some point they announced an US/EU release of the game for some time in 2012, but as the year came to an end my hopes of ever playing Wizardry Online waned.

Until a couple of days ago, when suddenly, the open beta for the game started. Joy! I’ve spent a couple of hours in the game and talk a little bit about its supposed features and my newbie experience.

Here’s a trailer for the game: Wizardry Online

And here you can register for the open beta. You can download the client immediately and start playing: Wizardry Online Oh, and it’s free to play!

Character creation

The game didn’t let me change resolution or AA settings until I’ve made a new character…or I just missed the option before 😉

Okay, enough of that, how does the game play and how is it different from titles like World of Warcraft?

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