Hey everybody, I’m still alive.

Of course I’ve been playing a lot of WoD and I actually enjoy it quite a bit. The questing is a lot of fun, maybe the best leveling experience ever in the game, and the endgame is enjoyable as well, with the new group finder. If I quit before it turns into a grind to get another .4 iLvls for my character, it’s an excellent expansion.


But I’m actually here to announce some changes coming to this blog. Until a while ago, I haven’t been able to work towards my future dream of becoming an indipendent game designer/developer. Now that my time schedule has recieved some drastic changes, I’m finally able to invest some time into making games.

The problem is, that I’ve forgotten how to use most of the tools I started learning a few years ago, before I had to use the time for something else. That means, I’ll relearn everything from scratch, starting with Unity3D and most likely Blender as well. I’ll probably improve my Gimp skills as well, because even though I’ve been using the software, I’m not doing much with it.


So, my plan is to once again post daily on this website. Either about my personal progress or about my thoughts on the world of game development in general.

I won’t post on weekends, because I probably need some time off as well 😉


I hope it will be fun to read the new content and maybe even interesting to follow me along as I expand my skills.


My goal is to create a couple of “practice” games, mostly by following tutorials from the web and books and by the end of the year be able to put together a small game by myself, using my own assets. I actually hope to reach that goal much sooner and I’m afraid I might reach it much later 😉


So, thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!