Current Status

Just a small update at the start of the month about what’s going on over here. As usual, there’s way too much to do and precious little time.



Bloodborne is basically “finished”, all content is clear and I just have to fight the last boss…just like in Dark Souls 2, I just hope this time it doesn’t take me a whole year to pick up the controller again and finish the fight. Great game, with some drawbacks, but still clearly my favorite title of 2015. I didn’t play the expansion yet, I’ll wait for the price to drop.

The World of Warcraft will continue as soon as we find time to work on the next dungeon, Razorfen Kraul. We’ve actually done some minor testing at level 25, defeated the first event-boss, the first actual boss (who was 10 levels higher than us = skull) but got our ass handed to us by the second boss and a later trashpack. We will have to level up a bit and gear up slightly to be able to progress, since you can’t skip the fight.

I’ve played a bit of the new Diablo 3 season, but as usual it becomes crazy boring really fast. With their new policy of boosting everyone to a competitive level as fast as possible you’re Lvl70 on Day1 and have your first set on Day2 and from then on it’s just farming and grinding. Yay. Took me 500 Paragon levels to get too bored to continue. But it’s fun for a couple of days.

After not playing the series for about 20 years I picked up a bunch of Civilization games in the last Humble Bundle, but I have a surprisingly hard time getting any enjoyment out of the game. Huh…guess I’ll give it a couple of hours more.

Other than that I really need to organize my backlog, throw out  (sell) games I probably won’t play and skip games I already finished (maybe just one more DeusEx playthrough?).

Game Development


I started preparing the Roguelike tutorial, replaced Unity 4.6 by Unity 5 and I’m looking forward to get to work. These Unity posts may not be the most educational, but that’s what the actual tutorial is for. For me the purpose is to document my progress and have a bit of a motivation to continue learning. With the Roguelike tutorial, I’ll work differently than with previous tutorials as I’ll be creating my own assets and also expanding on the original concept, which should make the series last longer and make it more interesting and motivating for me.

Let’s hope it works!

Other projects


Among the usual suspects like learning the guitar, doing more sports and getting back into playing 囲碁, I have two current mini projects I hope I’ll be able to complete this month.

The first is more a necessity, since my old Game Gear broke. Someone must have forgotten to clean the residue of the old leaking capacitors when doing a capacitor swap to restore sound and video. So now some buttons don’t work anymore and I don’t have time to troubleshoot every component and trace. So, I’ll be taking a spare board and transfer the capacitors to that board. Unfortunately I also have to transplant the cartridge slot since the other one doesn’t have one anymore. It’s not difficult but a pain in the butt to do and very time consuming.

The second one is finally modding my trusty old T43 to support SATA discs, which means cheap SSDs and better performance. Originally I didn’t want to do this, since I put in an IDE SSD, but performance is pretty bad and I also got my hands on a Pentium M 780, which at 2,26GHz is the fastest (and usually most expensive) CPU for the system, so I want to make the most of the system.

The whole procedure is a bit risky. For some reason the T43 is SATA compatible, but IBM decided to put a converter chip on the board for IDE drives. Removing or disabling the chip, removing the IDE port and soldering in a SATA board to the original SATA data lines on the mainboard will do the trick. Unfortunately the Marvell chip is crazy tiny (on the picture above, the button marked with red is probably the size of my thumb, at most) and I’m not sure if I’m up to the task, even though I’ve got somewhat decent soldering skills. Since a replacement board isn’t too expensive, I’ll give it a shot.