Day 12: Pewpew!

Chapter 07: Harming Enemies is finished.

Long video, but not very complicated, so I could follow along without pausing anything.


A lot of premade scripts again and also a hint on a lot of animation stuff that was prepared in the assets. Not really my cup of tea, I would’ve preferred to have an explanation of what and why that was done and how to actually do it myself. It’s not very helpful to get the information “We prepared this and that feature on the animation for you because you need it for this script.”. Of course it surely saves me a lot of time, but if I wanted to create a game by myself, using such a feature, this tutorial doesn’t actually teach me how to do it…which kinda defeats the point of a tutorial, doesn’t it?

But otherwise the explanations are fine and everything works. Plus this isn’t a tutorial made for the website, but a recording of a teaching session of some sort, so they had to make some cuts here and there. Let’s see how the next tutorials are handling this 😉


Tomorrow I’m pretty busy, so I won’t finish the game until thursday or friday.


See you then!