Day 14: Done!

Yay, it’s done.

The last two parts are completed.

09: Spawning Enemies and

10: Game Over

Editor view of the finished minigame

While there was a lot of “We’ve already prepared this for you” stuff, I still learned a lot, especially about working with the UI and Animation System.


I also discovered this: Unity – Live Training Archive

Of course I won’t work through all of this, but it might be useful as a reference in the future.


Here’s the link to play the game in your browser: Turorial 3 – Survival Shooter

(requires Unity 3D Web Player addon to play)

It’s a slightly bigger download, about 30MB, so

You move with wasd/arrow keys and aim with the mouse. Mouse Button 1 shoots and after you die you can restart if you want.

Edit: Due to popular demand, here is a Windows X86_X64 executable: Download Survival_Shooter.7z

Aaand a Linux build!


This is my current highscore, just in case you’re bored and want to beat it (shouldn’t be too hard)

1485 Points

Compared to the previous game, this gets more difficult as time passes. There’s still just one level, but the overall quality is a lot better.


Next up: Turorial number 4 – Project: Stealth