Day 15: I’m back!

Hey everybody!

After a fun week of being pretty sick and tied to the bed, I’m finally back with the beginning of the next tutorial: Project Stealth

This one is pretty big. While the previous tutorials all had about 10-20 videos, this one is divided into four big chapters with 5-8 videos each.


Watch the introduction about the project here: Project Overview


Today I just did the basic project setup to get back into using Unity3D, but I’ll try to pick up the pace, because I want to get this and the next tutorial done before April. Wish me luck.


Chapter 1.01: Game Setup and Lighting


I suspect this tutorial will be coming with even more premade stuff, primarily everything concerning the assets side. So I won’t build the level, it’s a complete prefab and I’m sure I also won’t do anything fancy with animations. Sounds, Music etc. are of course also already provided.

Next time let’s see how the scripting stuff is being handled.