Development Day 16: Unity tutorials continue

After a longer break of preparing for my Japan trip and the subsequent trip to Japan, I’m continuing with my Unity tutorial marathon.

Unity 5 was released a while ago, but the tutorials are probably not updated yet. In fact, I remember having to look up quite a lot of stuff for 4.6 compatibility, so I won’t be switching to Unity 5 until I finished the remaining tutorials.

Today I continued where I left off, after chapter 1.02 of Tutorial 3. It was a bit slow, since I’ve gotten a little bit rusty with the interface, but in the end I made at least some progress, so I’m happy 😉

After the break are the chapters I completed today:

Chapter 1.03: Alarm Lights

Chapter 1.04: Tag Management

Chapter 1.05: Screen Fader

Chapter 1.06: Game Controller

Chapter 1.07: CCTV Cameras

Should you be recreating the tutorial in a newer Unity version (I think 4.3 and above) you should note that, especially in 1.07, some aspects of the editor have changed. For 1.07 you need to work with a different way of setting up the animation system for the camera. The wrap mode doesn’t seem to exist as it was in 4.2, so you need to loop the animation manually by adding another keyframe and rotating it back. For other changes, see the comments in the youtube video.

In other news:

I’m extremely tempted to buy a PS4 just for Bloodborne. Exactly like I did with the PS3 for Demon’s Souls. Unfortunately I’m currently saving my money, so unless I sell some stuff, I won’t buy a PS4 just now. In addition to that, I’ve just begun playing Dark Souls II so in theory that should suffice for quite a while…but you know…new shiny hardware…

I’m also tempted to reactivate my WoW account for a little experiment I was doing with a good friend of mine. Leveling two characters (Monk Tank and Priest Healer) simultaneously without any external help and completing dungeons with these two characters only at the lowest character level possible. Before we quit we just finished Gnomeregan almost 10 levels below the enemies in there and with this setup it is incredibly challenging and fun. Probably the most fun I had in WoW in years. But it takes a lot of time, so we will see if/when we continue. I’ll write about it here when we do.