Day 4: First tutorial completed (still way too slow)

The first tutorial is done.

This should really have been completed in just one session, but I’m working on improving my time schedule. Especially since the later tutorials are more lengthy and complex, I’ll have to improve my productivity a lot.

Looks really boring...and it is!

Today I finished parts 7 and 8 of the first tutorial on the Unity3D website. Still, all really simple stuff, and I remember most of it, even though Unity has changed slightly since I last used it.


If you want to try out the game, you have four options:

(use the arrow keys to control the ball)

1) Play it in the browser, which requires the Unity Web Player plugin (I think).

2) Download the Windows version. Note: You have to exit the game with Alt+F4 after you’re done.

3) Download it for Linux

4) Download it for MacOS

Options 3 + 4 are untested, so…yeah, I don’t know if they work or if I uploaded the right files.



Tomorrow: Space Shooter

This tutorial uses premade assets and has twice as many chapters, so I have to stop being so lazy!