Day 9: Done!

Well, done with the second tutorial 😉

If you like, you can do it yourself. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time and there are a lot of useful hints and tips along the way.


Tutorial Game 2: Space Shooter

Today I spent a little bit more time and finished the remaining chapters:

Chapter 11: Explosions

Chapter 12: Game Controller

Chapter 13: Spawning Waves

Chapter 14: Audio

Chapter 15: Counting points and displaying the score

Chapter 16: Ending the game

Chapter 17: Building the game


All in all this was still a really simple project, especially due to the fact that the assets were provided beforehand.

I made some very minor alterations from the tutorial, but nothing too serious.

This whole thing still barely qualifies as a game. For a “real” Shoot’emUp, the amount of work, even with just one enemy type and no additional assets, would be exponentially larger.


For now, I’ve just uploaded the web player version of the game. You can play it here:

Play Tutorial 2 Game “Space Shooter” in your Browser (requires Unity Web Player).

Controls are simple: WASD/Arrow Keys to move, left Ctrl to shoot, and “R” to restart the game after you die.


Next time, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll get started with the third tutorial “Survival Shooter“, which seems to be about the same length as the current one.