DevDay 1: Getting started

Okay, today I’ll talk about how I’m going to progress in the beginning.


As already mentioned earlier, I’ll be using the Unity3D engine, which is very popular both with independent developers as well as bigger teams, both for prototyping and actual development of a fully fledged product.

It’s a complete engine with almost everything on board required to make a game. You’ll also want some method of creating assets, which is why I’ll learn Blender on the side as well, but not right from the beginning.

This is the Unity3D website, where the basic version of the engine can be downloaded for free. You also have access to a number of tutorials, which I will be using in the upcoming days.

Blender can be found here, it’s also free and quite popular. But I won’t be covering this right away.


The Unity3D download is about 1GB. I’ve got everything installed and set up and will report on my progress through the first tutorial tomorrow!