Does it have to be that boring?

Hey everybody, I’m back…for now, until I get sick and tired of WoW again, which could happen at any minute 😉

Disclaimer: This posting will be mostly incoherent rambling from my part because even though I’ve just started playing again, I’m already frustrated.

Alright, I think I’ve talked about this before, but I’m just experiencing it myself again after having recently resubscribed.

I can haz legendary nao plox?

Here’s the situation:

-I’m playing on a pretty much dead server. WoWprogress counts under 500 active lvl90 players. This morning there were 18 players online on alliance side. Total…not just level 90

-My guild is essentially dead, I’m the only one playing. Everyone else has either quit or moved to another server and THEN quit. Except for the off 7-day promotion returnees (is that a word?) I’m leveling the guild on my own. Currently at lvl11

-Due to obvious (realm/guild) and not so obvious (time) reasons, I’m unable to do heroic or even normal raids, which should slow my gearing process significantly

-I quit playing WoW (I think for the 9th time?) pretty early on in Cataclysm. Throne of Thunder wasn’t even released and I just resubscribed with the release of Siege of Orgrimmar, so there ~should~ be a lot of stuff for me to do. You know, all the stuff I missed that was added over the course of 6+ months?

But here I am with almost nothing to do but repetitive, trivial stuff.

Let’s say I’m not interested in leveling another character, but want to improve my current main in PvE. Sounds reasonable I think.

-there are 91 zones in World of Warcraft and 90 of them don’t offer any chance for progressing my character. I’ll talk about the 91st in a second

-there are 33 raids in World of Warcraft and 32 of them don’t offer any way of improving my character. If I had the time to raid normal modes, that wouldn’t change. If I had a guild that did heroic raiding, I could add one raid to that list

-11 scenarios and I can’t get anything from any of them

-6 heroic scenarios, same deal

-over 70 5man dungeons and, you guessed it, none of them matter to my character

-how about the 55 heroic dungeons? Nope, nothing available there

-oh there are 14 world bosses (and 7 removed ones) and two of them actually give me an opportunity to get something for my character

-professions? I can get one more upgrade from leatherworking (there were two), for which I’m currently collecting the mats. Everything else? Nope

-what else is there? Proving grounds? Pet Battles? Challenge Modes? Nope. One could argue that proving grounds improves your gameplay, but it actually doesn’t if you’re not a fairly new player. Another topic for another day maybe

-of the about 80 factions in the game, none have anything I can use to increase my characters performance

-it might sound unreasonable to list the 11 battlegrounds here, but I used to do some PvP every now and then, because some of the rewards were an upgrade, even for PvE. Not anymore.

Woah, I can almost scroll the list!

I think I’ve covered everything.

I’ve listed over 375 things World of Warcraft has to offer and this is what my character can use after playing for a couple of weeks following a 6 month break without being in a situation where I can get good gear fast (normal/heroic raiding)

-1 item from leatherworking

Actually, the only reason I still don’t have that item done is because I don’t have a high level enchanter that can provide me with disenchanted SoO loot and because I refuse to buy those mats. (The item requires 28 hides of which I can craft one per day unless I accelerate it by pumping high level enchanting mats in there)

-one raid instance (Siege of Orgrimmar)

This is available in two modes for me. LFR and Flex.

I remember when Dragonsoul was released. Not being able to raid properly, I did the LFR version for about 4 months to get everything from there. The loot from Deathwing was slightly better ilvl as well.

Siege of Orgrimmar LFR has just been fully released this week. I’ve run the first two wings only about 4-5 times and I already don’t need any more loot from those. The other two wings offer very minuscule upgrades (same ilvl but slightly more optimal stats for two or three slots) and I don’t even have to bother with Garrosh Hellscream, the final boss of the raid, because he doesn’t offer ANYTHING of value in LFR. No tier set pieces, no increased iLvl, nothing. I can quit right after the boss before him in the following weeks.

Then there’s flex raiding, which I really like, in theory. It offers the old 10man normal raid difficulty from WotlK raids, but is split up into wings, which is perfect for me, because I don’t really have time to sit through an entire raid. However, being on a dead realm in a dead guild with a dead friendlist poses some problems, such as not being able to find any flex raid pugs. oQueue to the rescue! The nifty addon that allows you to pug flex mode raids with strangers using the friendlist crossrealm thingy.

Wing 1 is always easy but the problems start after that. I’d argue that the bosses aren’t really that hard in Flex if you have decent dps and know what you’re doing. It’s still far from current normal mode raiding. But with the rising popularity of oQueue more and more people who neither do decent dps nor know what they’re doing are trying to get into flex raiding. Which leads to my current problem of being unable to find a flex pug that can clear Wing 2 (Wing TWO for crying out loud…this should be freeloot) and being unable to join a Wing3+4 group because the iLvl requirements are often absolutely ridiculous. And even then they can’t down the bosses.

I’ve yet have to kill Spoils of Pandaria (Boss two in wing 3) because…I don’t even know. People seem to assume it’s LFR and don’t bother with dps or the mechanics. Thok (last boss in wing3) is even harder. He’s got a one shot mechanic, which can almost be ignored in LFR. Guess what happens when LFR players try to down that boss in Flex….yeah. Two tanks are pretty much required for this boss and when a iLvl528 druid tank asks for ilvl540+ players and says “I can solo tank this” when no second tank shows up, hilarity ensues.

I have yet to get into a group for Wing4, because I’m only at an average ilvl of 548 and many groups require 550 or even 555. Did I mention that the bosses in Flex drop 540 gear? No? Hm…

It’s the old gearscore crap all over again. When I am on par or even above other players who, according to their gear, should absolutely -destroy- me in the damage meters, there’s something wrong. People in 530+ gear doing sub 100k dps? If you check noxxic ( that is unacceptable. Even if you only perform at 50% of your theoretical perfect dps.

But I’ll write up a whole article about flex raiding soon, because I both love and loathe it right now.

Wouldn’t this be great as an LFR tank&spank encounter?

Back to the upgrades:

-one zone, which is actually cheating, because the only reason I can get better gear from that zone is that it contains the two world bosses which drop gear upgrades for me

Funny thing about those world bosses. They’re both mindless tank&spank bosses (even though one requires you to have the legendary cloak), so they are even easier than any boss from the dumbed down LFR version of SoO but they drop normal mode gear, which is better than the loot in Flex raiding (which is much more difficult than LFR). Sounds about right.

So…that’s it. Once I get my new leatherworking pants in a few days, it really starts to get boring. The world bosses go down quickly and easily each wednesday (30 minutes tops for both combined including finding a goup), LFR 3+4 not so much because most people don’t know the mechanics yet and god forbid they’d read up on them. But it’s still easily doable on reset day.

Flex 1+2 should be easy enough, although I’ve spent most of this week on trying to get Flex2 cleared and it doesn’t seem to be happening. Either groups wipe on the first boss and disband, wipe on the third boss and disband or disband before even entering the raid instance…because if two tanks don’t show up 5 minutes after starting to look for members, it’s clearly not happening.

I hope it’ll get better over time, but I also fear that the ilvl requirement might slowly rise as well, because people are stupid.

But honestly…once I have Flex3+4 cleared I don’t see any reason to continue playing unless I got carried through those wings.

Oh…I forgot about valor points! You know, there were always new and expensive items to buy with those, in case you had bad luck with drops so you could save up to buy something nice. Not anymore you don’t. No new valor items in the latest patch and the previous ones are worse than LFR SoO loot AND heavily discounted A-N-D with basically removed reputation requirement, so I got those very quickly (because they were cheap) and replaced them very quickly (because they were crap) as well.

Now the only thing left is upgrading your items by 2×4 levels each for valor points. Since this got cheaper as well, you can do four upgrades each week (so you’d improve two items by the maximum of 8 item levels). It takes a while to get all of your gear to 2/2 upgrades, but once you’re there, the only way you don’t have fully upgraded gear, is when you get more than two upgrade drops that week and we all know that chance is getting lower the longer you play.

Sorry if this wasn’t a real informative article and more incoherent rambling about what’s been going on in the past couple of weeks after resubscribing. See it as a test posting to get back into writing stuff on this blog.

What I’m trying to say (TL:DR): I’m getting really bored with my main right now because even though I paused for half a year and have a severely crippled item upgrade process, I’m already in a position where the current content will be around for many many months, but doesn’t offer anything for me. Gearing and improving your character used to take a long time and unless you were a hardcore endgame raider, the upgrades came from varying sources. But this? I’m doing the same boring content once each week, and if it weren’t for the arduous process of finding a competent flex group, I wouldn’t even be logging in 6 days of the week (except to cap my valor points, yay).

I suppose I could start leveling some of my other characters to 90, but that’s boring as hell as well and once I reach pandaria I’m having a really hard time to continue playing. I don’t really care for the TBC zones either, but I can skip those by tanking/healing through a bunch of great dungeons. An option not really available in MoP because the dungeons are few and far between and also incredibly stupid. You don’t believe me? Well I’ll just leave you with these words then: “Ook ook is going bananas!”

No, that’s too depressing, let’s use this instead:

In just 36 runs, piece of cake!