Solitary Voyage

An important mission turns into a disaster. When the ISX-48 launched, nobody expected there to be such an accident with such horrible consequences.

Title Screen

A lonely escape pod remains and while trying to reach home, some of the mysteries surrounding the ISX-48 might be revealed.


Main Menu

Controlling the onboard computer of the almost broken pod, the player navigates through the vastness of space in this visual novel.



Along the way, there are several encounters that determine the outcome of the story.


The trusty onboard computer

Solitary Voyage is a short visual novel, that can be completed in about an hour, but also offers some replay value when experimenting with the different choices along the way.



Available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Note: The game has been developed and tested in Windows 7-10 32 and 64bit. Linux and MacOS builds are offered, but not supported. Using Windows is highly recommended to ensure the best compatibility.

YouTube Gameplay Video


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