Happy new year! Short rant: 5 man frustration!

First things first: Happy new year to you! I hope you arrived well in 2013

Just a short entry for today. This is probably not going to be very constructive, just a short rant about the current situation of 5 man dungeons.

Yeah, I’m totally making a lame whiny post because there were stupid people in my random dungeons. Shocking! Yep…so, totally unjustified but most of my complaints aren’t about dumb people but about the current heroic dungeons, so bear with me (or wait until tomorrows post ^^)


First a little bit about my reasons for running heroic dungeons:

My current activity in WoW (while I’m waiting for my annual pass to expire) is getting the valor factions to revered (one left, should takt another week), going LFR once a week and mainly running heroic 5 man dungeons for my blue item set. So in order to get the “best in slot”-blue and to have room for experimentation, I’m collecting pretty much all usable loot from heroics (and later maybe even scenarios) to reforge, gem, upgrade and enchant it to perfection. Of course, that’s pretty stupid from a min-maxing perspective because I could get much better gear in maybe even less time by focusing on epic items. In addition to that, I’m leveling my professions to get the most out of them and actually make use of that in 5 man dungeons.

So yes, I often enter a random 5 man dungeon better prepared and buffed than other people go into a raid. BUT while wearing just blue items…

Sounds pretty stupid and it probably is, but I think of it as an interesting experiment and like the thought that I might be the only WoW player (out of 10 million) who does this 😉

Of course I’m getting some epic items every now and then, but I just put them in my backpack, don’t reforge, gem, enchant or upgrade them. Why? I’d like to see how far “perfect” blue gear will take you in terms of raw performance compared to “junk” epics….the kind of gear worn by oh so many people who just don’t give two shits about their performance.

I'm constantly short on justice points

Anyways…5 man dungeons. Didn’t I just write a lenghty series of posts on this? Well, here’s more!

My gear is still far from complete. I still need three alternate armor items and a bunch of weapons (although I’ve already decided on two sets I’ll use).

I find it fun to wear low level gear and by pulling out all the stops to out-dps players who rely just on their gear which is often 20-30+ item levels above my own. Sure, I’m just doing random content where players don’t care about their gameplay, but some of them do, at least when there’s a boss fight and it’s a real (sometimes impossible) challenge to try and beat someone who’s gear is worlds above your own.

Not only do I put a lot of work in my gear and use bufffood/flasks/pots, I also recently overhauled all of my shortcuts and macros to improve dps and reaction time and there’s always something I discover on a boss fight to improve my dps. I’ve probably run a bit over 100 MoP dungeons so far, which isn’t that much, but considering I didn’t really play for the first months of MoP it’s enough.

So, let’s finally get to my rant. While working on this little silly project of mine, I’ve discovered a couple of things that really annoy me!


1: Melee is at a disatvantage

There are very few boss fights who don’t favor ranged dps. So many bosses knock me back, force me to run or reposition (heavily reducing my dps), make me just stand there and wait for a whirlwind-style ability to finish etc.

Now, that would be fine if there was an equal amount of encounters designed to favor melee fighters, but I can only think of a few fights where melee is at the same level as ranged dps AT BEST.

Remember, I’m not talking about raids, just 5 man dungeons. I don’t want to have Ultraxion style encounters where the only thing that matters is flawless execution of your dps rotation, but I also don’t want to be at a constant disadvantage against ranged classes who do the same dps I do when we both have optimal circumstances. But I guess I can add that to the list of extra challenges for my current project.

Oh and I’m not looking forward to 5.2 where combat rogues will get a massive cleave nerf. Blade flurry is overpowered right now, but the current plan is ridiculous and turning the rogue into an AoE class just makes my stomach turn…


I (rogue) barely beat the healer (priest) here..

2: Healers doing dps (even more than I do)

I see more and more healers just doing DPS in a 5 man heroic and that seems very wrong to me. It used to be embarassing enough to get out-dpsed by the tank. That was a wake up call for slacking DPS to pick up the pace and pull their weight. But since tanks do pretty solid DPS now, especially on AoE fights, they are often at the same damage output level as the damage dealers.

The new trend is healers doing damage…and lots of it. The first time I was beaten by the healer on a boss fight, where I really tried my best, was really shocking. First of all: Healers just shouldn’t be able to dish out that much dps in the first place (and neither should tanks). Beating the damage dealers in total damage and dps on a boss encounter is just wrong.

And second of all: Didn’t healers have a job to do in dungeons? Like…you know, HEAL? These dungeons have become so ridiculously trivial, healers get so incredibly bored during BOSS ENCOUNTERS they resort to topping the DPS meters before they fall asleep. WHAT THE FUCK BLIZZARD!

The above screenshot is a nice example. That’s the result of the last boss in Shado-Pan Monastery. Granted, the healer was sporting heroic raid gear about 35 levels above mine on average and I really struggled to stay in the lead, but still…

“But of course the healer is bored with such good gear, why shouldn’t he do dps if he can still keep the group alive?”, some people might argue.

Well, that brings me to my next argument…


3: Why are you even here?

Why in the world are these players in heroic dungeons in the first place? Valor points of course. I already spoke about this problem before. The content isn’t designed for these gear levels. Heroic 5 man dungeons are supposed to be played with an iLvl of 435 and reward 463 gear to enter the first raid tier. But here we have players with a smashing 503 iLvl average facerolling through the dungeon, being bored out of their mind because they still need valor points to reach the cap for this week. Great!

I also previously mentioned tanks constantly leaving the group, so I won’t rant about them again.


4: No endgame anymore

With the clever invention of the LFR system, heroic dungeons are no longer endgame content for the solo/guildless WoW player. As far as Blizzard is concerned, with the current system there won’t be any new 5 man dungeons in content patches until the next expansion, because it makes much more sense to let players gear through raids.

Part of me likes the underlying system: There won’t be new dungeons with ridiculous loot allowing players to skip much more difficult content, great.

Unfortunately, for Blizzard this means that heroic dungeons can’t be even remotely challenging, because they aren’t real endgame content anymore…they are a mere stepping stone. In terms of difficulty and item rewards I’m inclined to put “heroic” dungeons on the same level as one leveling zone…a leveling zone that awards valor points for some reason and can be done over and over.


With MoP Blizzard has taken the dungeons and severely devalued them, to the point that they’re no longer relevant content for anyone anymore. Thanks for that!


Where to go next?