Motivation and Preparation

Alright, time to get serious.

Blizzard has announced the release date of the expansion a couple of days (or has it been weeks already?) ago and it looks like I was right on the money. We will be seeing an unusually late release date, after Blizzcon, which means three more months of Patch 5.4 with the Siege of Orgrimmar raid, making it one of the longest (if not the longest, I haven’t checked) final raid tiers at 14 months.


I also reactivated my subscription, after my longest break since the game launched in 2005. “Why now and not when the addon is released?” you might ask? It’s a little bit complicated and the result of a number of factors. I want to be adequately motivated for the expansion, to avoid early burnout in an expansion that has the potential to be actually really good for a change.

So to avoid getting sick and tired of the game too soon, I’ve got to prepare a little bit. First and foremost, I don’t see myself playing the rogue exclusively through an entire expansion like I did with Mists of Pandaria. I like my combat rogue, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been playing that same character for about 9 years now and I’m not going to stop any time soon. But I also really, really like healing on a holy priest and I’d also give tanking another shot, because in all these years I never managed to get a tank to the current max level.  So where’s the problem?

Mists of Pandaria is the problem. To get more variety into the game, I’ve tried several times to level my priest from 85-90 in MoP and I just couldn’t do it. Of all the zones and expansions, I just can’t stand the MoP questing experience at all. But I have to get through that somehow. Dungeons are even worse. From 85-90 there are a whopping 4 (four!) instances, which gets old really fast. In addition to that, leveling by dungeons is a LOT slower than questing in MoP. So if I resubscribe when WoD launches and start questing through the dreaded MoP zones TWICE, I’ll most likely quit again very soon.

So here’s the plan: Resubscribe well before the release and just get it over with. Level my 85 Priest and 82 Druid to 90. Yes I’m aware of the character boost that I’m getting with the expansion, but I rather not use it on a healer or tank. Maybe boost a hunter or something like that where I don’t wipe the group when getting used to my class. I’ve got plenty of rested bonus on both characters and plenty of time to refill that bonus in case it runs out (pretty likely to happen with the druid). So even if I should get sick of the game because of this, by the time the addon is released, I should be sufficiently hyped to play the new content.



I'm halfway through the first campaign. Catapults suck!


The other thing I’m trying to do is build up my interest in the game world and lore again. Because the WoD story seems really interesting so far, to be honest, it easily surpasses both Cataclysm and Pandaria so far, I don’t want to rush through the quests (which is also easier if you have multiple characters, one can quest slowly with a focus on lore and the others can rush) and not miss out on the story. That’s why I’m replaying the old Warcraft RTS games right now. Among other things, these games tell the original story of the events in Draenor (especially the WC2 expansion), where we will be going in Warlords, but with a vastly different outcome. Having replayed the original story should make me really interested in seeing how things are different from the original timeline and not “just” being interested in seeing how things unfold in general. Whenever I have time, I’m also giving relevant books a read, like Beyond the Dark Portal and War Crimes which tell the story of the old Draenor and also the events between the end of the Pandaria expansion and the new Warlords expansion.

Let’s see if my plan works. So far I’ve managed to get my priest up to level 90 in record time (2 days. Thanks, rested xp!) and I’m enjoying healing again for the first time since Cataclysm (and even then it was just a brief experience, the last time I healed in a real raid was during ICC). Leveling the druid should be a little bit faster, because I don’t have dungeon queues and because I just don’t like leveling as a shadow priest. I get by, but it’d probably cause severe brain damage if a serious shadow priest player were to watch me.

Alright, that’s all for right now, I’ll start leveling my druid soon, while trying to keep my rogue in good shape (I’d like to get at least a flex/normal Garrosh kill before WoD) and attempting to get the legendary cloak for the priest on the side, just for fun…it would be hilarious, really.