Playing games, making stuff and other things

At least that’s what it feels like. I’m super busy, but I’m not really making any progress at all because I’m working on too many things concurrently. Oh well, time for another miscellaneous updates post about what I’m playing, programming and planning to do in the near future.

Now Playing

Why is it sometimes so difficult to find something to play? I don’t have a small selection of games and even the titles I’ve never played before, but are collecting dust in my shelves is unfortunately somewhat impressive. I’ve also severely increased the quality of my gaming selection by getting rid of hundreds of crappy games or titles I’m not interested in anymore. So I can literally choose from countless quality titles from all genres and platforms. But here I am, wondering what I should play for the last couple of days.

Playing now: Blackwell Legacy is part one in a five part series
Blackwell Legacy is part one in a five part series

I’ve started playing a bit of Blackwell Legacy¬†and it’s not bad. But I’ll continue playing this together with a friend, so that’s not an option right now.

Devil Daggers is very well done, but not my cup of tea
Devil Daggers is very well done, but not my cup of tea

Another game that has gotten a lot of hype recently is Devil Daggers, a simple but very well made first person shooter/shoot ’em Up genre mix. I especially like the visuals of the game. Low-tech 3D is still pretty rare these days. While pixel art is literally everywhere, PS1-era graphics are a different topic. Of course Devil Daggers is much smoother than anything PS1, but at least the resolution, texture resolution and lack of texture filtering resembles that era.

While the game plays really well, it’s not really my thing. I barely last one minute and for now, that has to suffice.

I’m kind of leaning towards replaying a game I’ve already played countless times before, but I really should experience something new once in a while. Another option would be to pick a game that takes a long time to build skill, like a bullet hell shooter or getting back into Street Fighter or Garou.

I could also continue with my Final Fantasy playthrough where I managed to finish Parts I-III, but was really turned off by the DS port of III, that I barely started playing IV, even though the PSP port is gorgeous.

Maybe I’ll finish up Doom 3 BFG’s “Lost Levels”, which don’t really seem that great to me, and I’ll figure out the next game after that.

Tech Talk

Details, details
Details, details

The Bluetooth Clearplates for my recently modded T43 have finally arrived from the US and the only thing that’s missing now is the package from China with my USB3 Card. I guess after that I’ll call it a day with this laptop…for now.

I’ve got a couple of other projects lined up and I haven’t decided which one to pursue now. Here’s my To-Do list:

  • Rebuild my 8088 PSU. I need to order a bunch of capacitors for it, which is always a pain. But I want to get it back up and running, see if the Micropolis HDD still works and if I can get my self-soldered CF-Card reader to work

  • Replace the CCFL backlight in my Game Gear with the LED backlight from a Nintendo DSi. It’s a bit complicated because I also need to install a power converter (the GG supplies +5V, while the backlight needs +12V), but it should improve the display a little bit while increasing the battery life
  • Last but not least is doing a platter swap in an old bigfoot 5,25″ 2,5GB IDE HDD. I’ve got a fully working model here and my old disk that broke about 15-20 years ago. I want to recover a couple of Diablo screenshots from it, showcasing a bug that I’ve never encountered since. I’m pretty sure the platter is still intact, but the whole procedure is REALLY scary

Unity 3D Development

I’m progressing through the tutorial, but at a much slower pace than I’m used to. Usually I can follow along with the videos and make a lot of headway in a couple of hours, but since I’m creating my own assets this time, I have to resort to additional tutorials about UI elements that were skipped and also work on making sprites and animations. Don’t worry, I’ll update regularly, it’s just that the final product is probably pretty far away right now.

World of Warcraft

Will continue soon. I’m working on a new article about content relevance, another session with the low-level Gnome Dungeon Duo is also planned for next week and I almost forgot that I started playing a bunch of characters to compare Alliance vs Horde questing experience and see how much my fond memories of WoW are affected by rose-tinted nostalgia glasses.

So there’s no shortage of content, I just have to find time to make it. I barely have time to study Japanese right now. Guess I’ll have to make room for that somehow. Touch typing continues as well, but of course the faster you get, the slower progress becomes. I’m hovering at around 180+ characters per minute with <1% error rate. For about two weeks of practice, I’d say that’s not bad, but for writing my blog, it’s still far too slow and takes too much time.