Scarlet Monastery: Warcraft Dungeon Challenge 3

Alright, progress! This time we’ve tackled and unexpectedly cleared Scarlet Monastery. Due to the difficulty of Houndmaster Brown, we had to level up quite a lot and one- or two-shot most bosses in the Monastery. But that doesn’t mean it was easy, far from it. Anyways, let’s get to it. Today we’ll take a look at the following bosses:

Thalnos the Soulrender

Brother Korloff

High Inquisitor Whitemane

These bosses are level 33 (Thalnos) to 34 (the rest). We on the other hand were slightly lower, level 25 to be exact. Merely 8 or 9 levels below the bosses and of course we’re just two players.


A few boring facts about Scarlet Monastery:

The minimum level to actually zone into the instance is 23. We’re a little bit higher, but not much. You can queue directly for it from level 28, of course you’ll be doing the dungeon with five players of similar level. I believe the random queue requirement is even higher, about Lvl30. The mobs are around Level 32/33 and the bosses 33/34. At level 25 we were well below that of course.

Here we go!

Thalnos the Soulrender

Pretty soon we noticed we were unable to ignore the mechanics on this boss, leading to a chaotic fight and subsequent wipe. Once we adjusted our strategy and repositioned the boss after every Fallen Crusader summoning to give us enough time to kill the Empowering Spirit and thus stop the Empowered Zombie from spawning, we had a relatively easy kill. At least easier and more consistent than the Houndmaster.

Evict Soul always hit the Priest and I believe Spirit Gale always targeted me. The Evicted Souls deal a lot of damage, but are dispatched easily, while Spirit Gale was just movement.

No enrage or stacking stuff, so we could concentrate on the fight well.

Brother Korloff


We two shot this encounter, but it still was pretty close even though this fight is very straightforward and controllable.

He has four abilities:

Blazing Fists, which deals tons of damage, but can be avoided quite easily by walking backwards. He turns with his target, but it otherwise stationary.

Firestorm Kick deals a lot of AoE damage, but it’s also stationary and can be evaded more or less quickly.

Scorched Earth is potentially dangerous when he moves around more, but we basically were not moving and he was only switching between me and the healer, which made this ability irrelevant. In the first try, we moved much more and it deals serious damage if you step in it.

Rising flame increases his fire damage over time, but it was not a big deal, because we didn’t really get hit by his fire attacks.

His melee attacks however hit quite hard, which made my HP drop quite low a number of times and I believe with some unlucky hits, this fight can be over very quickly.

High Inquisitor Whitemane


Hoo boy, what a fight. Whitemane was not really anything to be concerned about. Our greatest fear was her “Mass Resurrection” spell, which is super long, but if it isn’t interrupted, she resurrects a lot of adds in the instance, which basically equals to a wipe. Fortunately she didn’t cast it once, and I believe the ability is exclusive to the heroic mode. Which is great, because as a tank, I didn’t have an interrupt yet, that comes at Level 32.

The real boss for us was Commander Durand. He has two abilities:

Dashing Strike can be mostly ignored, because it’s meant to punish bad positioning in 5 man groups. Since we’re only two players, it didn’t do much.

Flash of Steel however was a real nailbiter through the entire encounter. This is another case of ability design tuned for five players. He charges five “random” targets and hits them with unavoidable damage. Since we’re only two players, each of us got dealt a lot of damage and sometimes the healer was unlucky and received most of the hits, causing him to almost die within a few seconds.


In addition to that, they both have a lot of hitpoints, which meant that the fight dragged on for quite a while. Combined with the high sustained damage by Durand meant, that the priest was casting non stop, slowly draining his mana. The fight lasted a little bit over 7 minutes and I think if our damage was even lower, the mana would have been gone at about 10 minutes. So you often read that it’s not possible to go out of mana in low levels, but technically it’s not true, although playing in a less insane way would never cause any healer to go out of mana ever.

We will be coming back to this fight at level 30 to get my first trinket. By then I’m sure it’ll be a walk in the park.

Scarlet Monastery: Honorable Mention

No instance would be complete with the one odd mob that did sick damage or had other weird overtuned abilities.

The award this time goes to the Scarlet Fanatic, who doesn’t really do much, except hit super fast and super hard. At first we didn’t really notice that, because they were in groups with other mobs, but approaching the Korloff fight, we were facing packs of three Fanatics which killed me so fast the first time, I didn’t even realize what happened. With the use of cooldowns and a little bit of kiting (yes, we had to kite trashpacks), we were able to defeat them. But at that level it was impossible to just tank&spank them.

Overall I liked the Scarlet Monastery instance at this level. Nothing was crazily overtuned but we also couldn’t faceroll our way through the place and had to be careful in every boss encounter and some trash as well. I miss the original Scarlet Monastery though, it was much larger and felt more grand as a location.

Next up is the Razorfen Kraul. We already checked the place out a little bit and were a little bit underwhelmed by the lack of difficulty until we encountered this garbage:

scarlet monastery teaser

See you next time!