Second Game Release: Calzone’s Adventure

Well, well it’s been pretty much exactly one year since the last game got released and now here we are again. This time instead of a short visual novel, the new title is a full blown 2D Platformer complete with many different areas, enemies, bosses, music and so on.

Calzone’s Adventure is based on an older 2D Platformer prototype of the same name. Development took about 4 months of full time work plus a couple of weeks of testing and preparing for launch. I’m guessing I’ve put about 1000 hours into making this thing.

I went for an 8-bit pixelart style using only 16 colors throughout the whole game, which was a challenge on one hand, but necessary on the other since it saves time and also makes everything a bit easier (especially for a pixelart beginner like me).

Almost everything was made by myself, especially virtually all of the art assets, all of the level design, sfx, story and tons of coding in C#.

There are 4 different areas to explore, each featuring 4 regular platformer levels, 4 shorter, more puzzle oriented, levels and a boss each, which is a LOT more content than the last game I made. Calzone the cat has many different abilities, with further abilities unlocked throughout the game.

The levels are filled with items to collect, secrets to find and enemies to defeat and once you finish the game, there’s an additional challenge waiting.

Development was a lot of fun and to my own surprise I managed to get almost all of the features on my wishlist into the game. Between asset creation, planning of the levels, putting them into the game and testing everything over and over, four months was pretty short. I could’ve easily gone for double that amount without adding any new features or content, just polishing the game. Even though I was constantly testing everything I still managed to find (and luckily fix) about 300 bugs/issues after making it to v1.0.0 (where I thought the game was ready for release).

These are the tools I used:

  • Engine and Code: Unity 2018.2.12f1 with Visual Studio Community 2017
  • Pixel Art: Graphics Gale, Pyxel Edit and Aseprite
  • Graphics in General: Gimp
  • Sound effects: Audacity and BFXR

I used two code assets, one for the basic player/enemy movement/input and physics and the other for managing gamepad input, which I wanted to be more flexible instead of just using the keyboard or the integrated Unity input manager.

The music I used was made by Rolemusic and is used under a CC Attribution license. Making EVERYTHING by myself was certainly tempting, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that with the time I had available and the soundtrack by Rolemusic is great and really fits the game well.

I hope you enjoy this little game. I’ve learned a ton while making it and I want to make the next game even better.

You can download the game on or for free here: