Unity 3D Stealth Tutorial (Development Day ??)

It seems like I haven’t really posted any detailed updates on the progress I made in Unity from Development Day 16, where I just finished Chapter one of the stealth tutorial. As you can see in the last Unity Post here, I continuously worked through the tutorial and I’m almost at the end. Time to push forward!

unity stealth
Trying to get acquainted with the UI again

I’ll go over todays progress in more detail here:

Unity Stealth tutorial 4.x: 4.04 – Animator Setup

This tutorial was basically just a 5 minute explanation of the Animator Setup. What I don’t like about this tutorial’s Script passages is that their speed is too high and even when being able to type quite fast, it’s really difficult, if not impossible, to follow along with the tutorial, as the narrator’s typing is sped up.

There are two solutions for this: Either pause and unpause the video all the time. This also happens in other tutorial passages but it’s much more frequent here, making it quite annoying to follow the video. The other solution is to copy and paste the script and just listen to the explanations. While the explanations are helpful, I also learn and solidify knowledge better by typing everything out myself.

Maybe I just need to improve my typing speed.


Unity Stealth tutorial 4.x: 4.05 – Enemy Animation

Another script heavy video, but there are a lot of useful tips for getting the animation timing smooth, so you shouldn’t just copy & paste the script while skipping the video. There’s a bit of math in the video, so if you’re not too unfamiliar with that, it helps understand what’s going on.


General hint for these tutorial videos:

You might run into problems here and there and often it’s a small mistake with the tutorial, so other people might have encountered the issues as well. Since Unity uses YouTube to host the videos, check out the videos on YouTube to be able to read the comments, where I found solutions to all my problems. It’s also useful when using a version of Unity that’s different from the tutorial version.

If you have any suggestions to my tutorial updates, please let me know in the comments. Once I reach the Roguelike tutorial, it might get a little bit more interesting, as I’ll be creating my own assets.