Unity 3D Stealth Tutorial: Finale!

This is it, the moment we, or at least I, have been waiting for: The conclusion of the Unity 4 Stealth Tutorial.

unity stealth_final
More useful scripts, be sure to pay attention

Today I worked on the last two parts of the final chapter. There’s not really anything new in terms of using the Unity UI, but there are several useful parts in the scripts.

Unity Stealth Tutorial 4.x:  4.06 – Enemy Shooting

This part doesn’t feature anything new, as I mentioned before, but if you want to work on a 3D game with shooting in it, the scripts in here can serve as valuable reference material. Make sure to prepare the script in the MonoDevelop Editor before starting the video,  so you can focus on the explanation.

Note: There’s an asset file here, that has a slightly different name that’s used in the tutorial. When he’s talking about the laser effect, you want to use “alpha_laserShot_fx”.

Unity Stealth Tutorial 4.x: 4.07 – Enemy AI

Another very useful part of the tutorial, making use of waypoints and different AI states.

What I personally find a little bit strange, is the fact that everything is being explained at the same speed and detail. One minute he’s talking about more or less complex parts of a script, which should give as much detail as possible and the next he’s explaining how to move a file into a folder, as he does after every script. That’s not a major problem, just something that irritated me slightly.

If you want to wotk more on this game, be sure to check out the chapter about stretch goals.

If you want to try playing the finished version of the game, you can do it here: Stealth Tutorial Game

You need the Unity Web Player to play this, it’s unfortunately not available for Chrome anymore. Since the file size is rather large, I won’t upload tons of different builds. I’ll do it for the next tutorial game however.


Move: Arrow Keys

Sneak: Left Shift

Switch: Z

Attract: X

Next up (finally!) Unity 5 and the Roguelike tutorial in 2D with pixelart! Can’t wait!