Unity 3D Tutorial Update

It’s been a while, but I’m back to my semi-irregular Unity 3D tutorial schedule. Last time I left off in chapter 4.3 [Enemy Sight] and it has been quite a while…I’m noticing it the more I try to re-familiarize myself with the Software and UI. But I’ll just see through it, finish the tutorial and move on to Unity 5 fresh and motivated *cough*

Unity Stealth

Not much going on today, due to space constraints I had to spend most of my free time I use for developing or writing on getting Unity back to a working state and figuring out the schedule for the remainder of the tutorial. Yay!

Unity Tutorial Progress

  1. Stealth: Project Overview
  2. Game Setup and Lighting
  3. Alarm Lights
  4. Tag Management
  5. Screen Fader
  6. Game Controller
  7. CCTV Cameras
  8. Laser Grids
  1. Player Setup
  2. Player Animator Controller
  3. Hash IDs
  4. Player Movement
  5. Player Health
  1. Camera Movement
  2. Picking up the Key
  3. Single Doors
  4. Double Doors
  5. The Lift
  1. Enemy Setup
  2. Enemy Animator Controller
  3. Enemy Sight
  4. Animator Setup
  5. Enemy Animation
  6. Enemy Shooting
  7. Enemy AI
  8. Stretch Goals

So, I’m almost through with everything. I won’t bother with any stretch goals, because I really want to work on the Roguelike where I will be able to create my own assets and flesh out the game to be more complete. I really truly hope to be done next week with Unity 4. But time is short today, so I didn’t make much progress. The remaining tutorials clock in at about 50 minutes, so it’ll probably take about 4 more sessions to complete them and write it all up. Sorry for dragging this out for so long, but I’ve been busy.