Unity and other Status

Time to get back on track with everything and I’ll make a few minor changes.

Unity 3D

I still fully intend to finish the current tutorial game, but it’ll probably be the last. I’ll also finish the tutorial with the provided assets for now, to get to a playable product, or let’s call it a prototype. From there I’ll work on expanding the gameplay, game, interface and overhauling the visuals.

So I expect to finish the tutorial much quicker now. My new work schedule has settled and I’ve freed some time each week to work with Unity again, yay ^^

Tech Talk

I was really tempted to buy a GTX 970 for my gaming PC, since my old HD 7850 isn’t really performing well in current games. Recently nvidia announced their new 1070 and 1080 GPUs and they really blow the 970 out of the water and I’m sure a lot of people will upgrade from their old 970, meaning that the used price will drop significantly.

But then AMD announced their new RX480, following a new strategy: They’re not going after the high end market anymore and instead target the 100-300$ market with a -really- competitive product. The RX480 performs around the level of a GTX970 or 980, which is impressive considering the <150W TDP and suggested retail price of 199$ for the 4GB model. Since nVidia doesn’t have anything that can compete with this product, it’s going to get interesting for AMD again. The card will release in late July and I’m really tempted to get one.

But…for what? I don’t really play new games on the PC anymore, because most of them require Steam or have another form of DRM. So I only play older games or Steam games if they’re heavily discounted (like Skyrim for 3$). And my current system can easily handle everything. Maybe for WoW at Ultra settings and 60 FPS, but it’s not really worth it for now. I guess I’ll wait.┬áPlus I’ve got a PS4 and so many unplayed games for countless systems…


The last boss of the first Dire Maul wing proves to be a really tough challenge. We’re on level 33 right now and the second phase just kills us almost instantly…this boss is NOT tuned for a Tank/Healer/no-DPS group 8 levels lower than the boss. Nerf PLX!

We started messing around in Scholomance, as it opens up at Level 33 and almost quit at the first bigger trash pack before the first boss, but so far it’s going well. But we need to make a little bit more progress before I’ll make a new entry here.