World of Warcraft

The dungeon duo project is not dead, but right now on hiatus. We’re currently having much more fun doing a little bit of Legion content every now and then.

Low level content, due to the design changes and reduction of abilities, is so boring and tedious right now. We’ll probably return to the project later, maybe push the character levels much faster and get to a better gameplay situation with more abilities.


Hardware and other Projects

I’m trying to reduce clutter by getting rid of a bunch of old hardware, but at the same time I’d love to improve a couple of my current and retro systems.

My old WinXP Socket A is a good platform and the SoA is quite popular, but it’s giving me trouble constantly. SATA drivers/chipsets not really working, the BIOS forgetting settings and dualchannel RAM not working. I’d like to stay with a single core machine, so the only choice would be a So754 platform, as the So939 already has Dual Core CPUs. There are PCI-E boards available for So754, which is a bit more modern than I’d like, but I’ll survive.

I’m also resurrecting my Commodore64. There have been a lot of major Hard- and Software developments in the recent years that I’ve completely missed. When I made some progress, I’ll try to find some time and make a new post about it.


Game Development

There haven’t been many updates recently about the game development progress, because there was none. Right now I’m trying to find more time to work on it daily again, hopefully soon.

Aside from the Unity portion, which will take up most of my time, I have been working on another small retro project a while ago and I’d like to pick that up again. But it will be at a very slow pace.



So, updates will be coming more regularly again, maybe even about normal World of Warcraft: Legion gameplay if anyone is interested 🙂