Various updates and progress

Hey everybody!

It might not seem like it, but I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of months. As you can see the blog looks different, that’s because I’ve moved to a new provider and can (finally) use more current WP versions. Yay! So I moved the whole blog and gave it a little makeover. There will be more changes in the upcoming days and weeks.

In gamedev news, I’ve continued working on the Unity tutorials. Unfortunately at a very slow pace, I just managed to finish the current chapter. But I want to push through the last Unity 4 tutorial this month so I can switch to Unity 5 and start working on the mini-roguelike game in September.

Gaming is a little bit slow, but right now I’m playing (and loving) Bloodborne on the PS4. I’ve also played through “Papers Please” for the second time.

World of Warcraft has unfortunately fallen from grace. After a really REALLY (!) great start, it completely fell apart in the endgame. I’m not an active raider, I don’t love PvP and I don’t care about trivial content or achievements so the endgame has VERY little to offer, which is a damn shame, since the final endgame in MoP was just awesome.

Now Blizzard is already announcing the next expansion, so it looks like they’ll be releasing them faster. Don’t know if I love that. But in theory I’ve got a lot more topics to talk about, so we’ll see about that.

But I’d rather talk about more general game design topics, but I guess my gripe with WoW is still applicable to other genres and areas.

Anyways, see you soon, from today, there will be regular content updates again.