Warcraft Dungeon Challenge: Razorfen Kraul

Finally some progress! This time we tackle Razorfen Kraul!

razorfen kraul map
The Dungeon Map

For all new readers and everyone who forgot what this project is about:

We’re playing two Gnomes. One Priest Healer and one Monk Tank and we are playing all the instances in order at the lowest level we can possibly finish them. No Heirlooms, no Damage Dealers in our group.

Playing Dungeons the intended way is really boring nowadays. You’re grouped with five people, most likely a good number of them will wear heirlooms, and make your way through the instance. You can queue in the LFG tool +/-5 levels around the end boss’ level, so the group average level should be fitting for the end boss, while the beginning of the instance is often easier, as mob levels rise towards the end. There is a minimum level below which you’re physically unable to enter the instance (unless ported by a Warlock) and from that level on we try to two-man the dungeon.

Last time we left off, we finished Scarlet Monastery at Level 25, with the final boss being 34 and entered Razorfen Kraul. We swiftly defeated the first boss (at level 35, we couldn’t see his level ingame anymore) but got crushed by the second boss. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning with:

Razorfen Kraul: Hunter Bonetusk


Even though he was 10 levels above us, he was pretty much a pushover. His attacks were either entirely dodgeable or no problem for the healer. No stacking buffs, no random aggro, no adds…piece of cake.¬†And then we went on to face the impenetrable wall:



And boy were we in for an ass whopping. This was without a doubt the most difficult boss we’ve faced.

So we started getting better gear, to no avail. We leveled up…nothing. Get better gear again…no dice. Leveling up once more? Nope.

This boss was brutal. While we did always see a glimmer of hope against the Houndmaster in Scarlet Halls, this boss ramped his damage up so much, we had no way of surviving this.

Why did we get our asses kicked? Well, he starts with three adds, which we could kill. He spawns totems which were also not a huge threat if we got them quickly enough.

But at 75% (!) he basically enraged, getting a debuff that increased his damage by 100% AND his attack speed by 50%. This was basically a death sentence right there, but to make things worse, it STACKED! So after a minute or so he had two stacks and did 200% damage and had 100% increased attack speed. Impossible. You couldn’t purge it and they didn’t run out…we tried kiting him through the instance only to get one shot by a 300%/150% three-stack killing machine.

Razorfen Roogug
You have got to be kidding me!

Even after we leveled up to 28 with much better gear, we couldn’t do it. So to prevent future content from being ruined, we took a small detour to Maraudon…I’ll let you know next time how that went.

In the end we came back at level 30, where you already can queue for it in the dungeon finder. Such a shame. But at least we still were only two players. With much better gear, hit points, healing and defensive capabilities, we finished him off, but he still hit pretty hard.

Unfortunately the upcoming bosses weren’t accessible until we killed the first two, so we were severely overleveled for them. We killed everything in one try, but there were a few interesting mechanics. But alas, we mostly ignored those mechanics and boss abilities, because they weren’t a threat anymore.

Can you believe that? We’re two players, instead of five and still five levels below the bosses and they weren’t challenging anymore. The second boss was only so impossible because of an imbalanced enrage buff he had. Clearly this buff isn’t a threat to a five man group who are an average five levels higher than us, with better gear. The boss dies within seconds and the buff probably never even appears. I’m sure nobody at Blizzard even saw it stacking during internal testing.

Warlord Ramtusk


As I mentioned, this wasn’t a challenge, but the fight seemed interesting enough, with two adds that had their health linked with the boss. That’s an interesting mechanic. The spirit link totem occasionally redistributes health evenly between everyone.

That way the boss adds lived longer, making the fight harder in theory. There were probably other abilities, but we didn’t notice anything worth mentioning due to our “high” level.

Groyat: The Blind Hunter


Another fight with potential ruined by our inflated level. There was some movement where we had to avoid moving obstacles, but nothing was really dangerous, unfortunately.

People always say you don’t learn how to play on early levels and players find themselves in the endgame without a clue how to play their class. Here’s the thing: The mechanics are there! This boss and the next one have a lot of movement and are probably more complex than some of the bosses in Molten Core. But they die within mere seconds. If they’re no challenge for two lvl30 Gnomes, imagine how little a 5 player group with an average level of 35 feels about the encounter.

Charlga Razorflank


Now, this was a cool fight. Even though nothing was really damaging enough to be of concern and we killed the boss on the first try, we had a lot of fun. Visually it was the most impressive fight yet, with nice effects and also new abilities. You got pulled though the room, had to walk against the pull and avoid stuff on the floor while doing so. Pretty challenging stuff if it was actually dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong, we couldn’t brain-afk autoattack the encounter, but we also didn’t really have to work on strategy, movement and learning the abilities in order to progress.

So basically the last three encounters were kind of ruined by the enrage buff of the second boss, that forced us to level too high. But it was still fun, don’t get me wrong, and we will be back, because we still need gear here for our current roadblock we’re facing.

Next time: Maraudon!