Warcraft Dungeon Challenge: Maraudon 1,2+3

We’re back with another Dungeon Challenge progress post. Last time I already mentioned that we hit a major roadblock in Razorfen Kraul, forcing us to level up quite a bit. The original plan was for us to finish each instance at the lowest possible level and move on to the next one.Maraudon Loading Screen

But now we were in danger of getting to a too-high level for the remaining bosses and even the next instance. Maraudon is split into three wings in LFG and it starts almost at the same level as RFK. While there wasn’t any way to prevent the RFK bosses from becoming trivial, we had to go to Maraudon before finishing up RFK. We were Level 28 and planned to go to 30 for Roogug in RFK, but before we did that, we took a detour to Maraudon to see how far we could get.

We entered Maraudon at Level 28, not really knowing what to expect and just tried to get as far as possible.

Maraudon Boss 1: Tinkerer Gizlock


Not really a memorable fight. He threw some bombs and had a long cast with his Goblin Dragon Gun, but that’s about it. Apparently his flash bomb can fear hunter pets and druid tanks, but with us being Gnomes, we didn’t have any trouble and he died in the first try. He was 7 levels higher than us, so the damage wasn’t too trivial, but that’s about it.

Lord Vyletongue


On out first try, we got killed by him, as he has two adds, which is always pretty deadly when you don’t have any DPS in your group to quickly take them out. He has ranged attacks and can disengage from your melee attacks as a tank.

The solution was a lot of movement and line of sight. Moving between two LoS-breaking positions that allowed the healer to stay on the tank, I could kite the boss with his adds back and forth, while hitting them with AoE damage. If I stayed in place, the damage from all three enemies would be too much to heal, but with the new tactic, it was fool-proof.



Entirely forgettable fight. He has a cleave attack and a DoT. Sometimes he could hit me for about 50% of my total HP within a second, but never twice in a row, so it wasn’t really an issue. The fight would’ve been much better if he summoned adds. It would also be more fitting to the boss.


Pretty interesting fight, there’s some knockback and from time to time the boss vanishes and a bunch of smaller elementals spawn. If you kill them, the boss respawns, but he also respawns with elementals remaining, if you take too long to kill them.

I believe at 28 we were already overleveled for the instance. While this and the last boss were level 37, which is a pretty significant difference, it still wasn’t too problematic. The minimum level to enter Maraudon is 25. I’m not sure if we could’ve done it at 25, but there are gear upgrades from instances at even levels, so at 26 it might already have been possible. If RFK didn’t mess up our schedule, we might have tried Maraudon earlier.

Meshlok the Harvester

We also ran into the rare spawn completely by accident. He dropped a nice new armor for me, which I can’t equip for quite a while, but didn’t do anything noteworthy.

Celebras the Cursed


He seemed more intimidating than he actually was. The fight starts with him and a bunch of treant adds and he also summons new treants in regular intervals throughout the encounter. The main issue was making sure the healer didn’t get aggro from the freshly summoned enemies, but since they weren’t even elite, they weren’t much of a threat.

In order to not have too many of them, I didn’t do a lot of focus damage on the boss and mostly used AoE attacks, which resulted in a funny situation. At about 50% health, we got quite confused if the boss switched to a new phase not mentioned anywhere, because there weren’t any new adds coming. Turns out the encounter isn’t meant to last that long and the boss merely ran out of mana.

Which actually made the healing more difficult, because his melee attacks hit much harder and frequently than his spells. But we still got him on the first try.


Ouch! I only had about 4k HP total

Hoo, boy, he was tough. At Level 39 Elite, he was 11 levels above us, and quite frankly the fight was completely ridiculous. We managed to get him down to 85% on our best try, with the use of cooldowns, potions and everything. But his damage was just insane and in addition to that he stuns the whole party and spawns a bunch of adds in regular intervals. It was nuts!

At this point we decided to level up from 28 to 30 and (hopefully) finish Razorfen Kraul first, then return here with a vengeance.

Which we did, successfully. Even with more health, a higher level, better heals and gear, the fight was nothing to sneeze at and the damage to the tank was still very high with a couple of close calls.

Princess Theradras


This was a great final boss fight that required good positioning and use of new abilities. We were level 30, she was level 39. She has basically four attacks. Boulder is a ranged attack that doesn’t really do much damage. Dust Field is a knockback ability, which knocks you back several times and quite far, so if you stand in a really bad spot, you can get knocked off the edge and can’t get back up. Knockdown stuns and Thrash makes her do two attacks. The last one was the most damaging one, getting me for a good chunk of my HP in one attack. Because of the level difference, even one hit already does significant damage.

In addition to that, she also has a fear attack, that hits the tank and resets aggro. That’s where positioning was even more important for the healer to have a way out. Since she doesn’t reset, he could kite her for a while, while I waited for fear to wear off (if my ability was on cooldown) and rushed (or rolled) to the boss, throwing barrels to get the aggro back.

We wiped once, because we just got hit by a lot of random abilities in a row, being feared, knocked back, the heals were interrupted and I got hit by Thrash with all my defensive abilities on cooldown and no healing coming in.

Next time we coordinated better and improved ability usage and positioning. While it was by no means easy, we managed to get the job done. This fight was one of the best so far. This leaves only the optional boss:


Aaaand he’s a pushover. At first we were worried about his self-heal ability, which heals him for the amount of damage a DoT effect does, but that wasn’t even remotely close to outhealing the tanks damage to him. He died pretty quickly. This fight might be a little bit more interesting for new players, because you’re swimming and the boss is patrolling through a bigger area. If you’re with a bigger group and ranged DPS you could also potentially pull a bunch of lvl39 elite adds, which of course didn’t happen to us.

Anyways, Maraudon was quite fun…that is being only two players and almost 10 levels below the bosses. I can’t imagine running this dungeon with a full group of five Level 35-40+ characters with heirlooms. It must be crazy fast, boring and I’m sure nobody has any idea what any of the bosses do. Shame.

Next time, we’ll venture into Uldaman. For someone who played since early 2005, it still seems really weird to go into Uldaman at Level 30 (which is the absolute minimum level to be able to enter). Archaedas, the final boss, used to be level 47, now he’s “only” level 40…but still 😉