Weekly update

This is just another incomprehensible rant about my “progress” and the way player behavior in random groups is right now.

TLDR version: Instead of crafting one hide, killing a Celestial world boss and ordos and killing four (out of 14) LFR bosses and most of flex mode, I can now look forward to just killing Ordos, two lfr bosses (not really worth the effort though) and still most of flex mode, because I got two item upgrades.
And: Random players are insanely lazy, impatient and/or incompetent idiots. They have lots of time, but no skill and can’t do real raids, while I assume I’ve got what it takes for normal/heroic raiding, but don’t have the time. So I’m stuck with those players, which is great for them, but sucks for me 😉


Totally offtopic: There are cutscenes in the new raid and nobody's watching them more than once. Resources well spent, Blizzard

Here’s the rest, but don’t expect anything interesting. I’ll write another more focused article soon enough.
I just wanted to give you a small followup to the previous posting and let everyone know how it’s been going so far this week.

Last week I complained about having too little options and listed the small amount of endgame content available for me, even though I don’t do normal or heroic raids, which ~should~ increase my gearing options, but it doesn’t.

Yesterday was the weekly server maintenance, and all raids/bosses reset. I’ve gotten one item that day, which eliminated two of my sources for gear.
You see, I was patiently crafting hides for the 553 leatherworking pants, the last (of two) useful items from my profession. When I killed the Celestials World Raid boss that week, they dropped, yep, the 553 Tier 16 pants. Yay! Then I found out, that the Celestials drop only two PvE items (T16 gloves and pants) for each class and the rest is PvP junk. Good thing I got the gloves a couple of weeks ago, now there’s one (trivial!) upgrade source less. No, wait, make that two, because leatherworking doesn’t offer anything as well now. Removing all pants from the LFR and Flex wishlist.

I’ve got a new helmet from flex raiding, as well, so I’m not really sure if I need the LFR Tier16 helmet. While it would enable the 4 piece set bonus, even with the bonus the upgrade is very marginal.

So my options are down to killing the other worldboss each week and going through flex raids, which are somewhat frustrating.
Today I got “lucky” and got into two groups which cleared Flex1+2 relatively quickly.

But here’s the problem: People in random pick up groups usually can’t play. I mean, the group was asking for an average iLvl of about 550, which I had at that point and everyone in that group was around that level.
Flex is tuned for an iLvl of about 510, so we should absolutely destroy that raid. Which we did, but my problem is, that I had the damage lead…and by lead I don’t just mean “Number 1 dps”, I actually had a significant lead before the rest of the players, which had pretty much the same gear level I had. Most of them were ranged dps as well, and should have a clear advantage in most fights.

And even with such a clearly overgeared group we managed to wipe because people did stupid stuff. But those are clearly people who are above the LFR crowd. You can’t get to a 550 average with just LFR. Maybe if you’ve got the legendary cloak and are really lucky with the weekly drops from Celestials and Ordos, but these players had Flex mode gear and experience. They knew the bosses, but it’s the small details that make a difference.

Tanks not positioning the bosses for melee characters, tanks not moving trash mobs into AE damage from friendly NPCs because we’re doing enough damage, dps not taking orbs at Norushen (to increase their dps) because the raid dps is sufficient, etc.

And don’t get me started about proper usage of flasks and bufffood. I’m happy if they eat the subpar (250/275) buffood from the banquet. Better not tell them I carry a stack of 300 food around, use a flask and prepot with agility potions. Why? Because I want to perform as good as I can. I don’t want to top the damage meters, I want to kill the bosses fast and efficiently. In fact, I’m always happy when someone who DOESN’T outgear me, top me in dps. But often, it’s the other way around, and I out-dps someone with better gear…which makes me sad.


Tanks are 7+8. The remaining DDs all have more or less the same gear level

Make no mistake, the performance of the players in the above shot is incredibly close together compared to other Flex groups. Don’t get me started on LFR…


LFR has absolutely ruined random pickup groups. I think Flex works incredibly well for smaller/casual guilds who want something more challenging than LFR, but the average player in a PuG has absolutely no patience for anything. It gets better the higher the required gear level for the raid is, because most of the LFR players are kept out (sorry guys).
Kill the first boss in record speed with no death, but wipe once on the second at 2%? LEAVE!
If the tank or a healer leave, it usually takes a couple of minutes to find a replacement. But during that time, a bunch of other players leave, beacuse they can’t wait that long.
Usually a group disbands after three or four wipes on the same boss. I’ve been in a slightly overgeared group for Flex2 from the beginning and I think we went through 20 or 30 players in a 12 man group, almost exchanging the whole raid after each boss. It was insane! Me and the raid leader were the only ones left from the start and even he quit without a word after we wiped for the fourth time at the last boss.

I just can’t wrap my head around it. In LFR you get the “determination” buff, after a wipe, which gives you 5% more dps/health/healing and stacks up to 10 times, allowing even the dumbest players to get through the raid eventually. Yes, you get a reward for wiping. Successfully kill a boss? Too bad! Wipe? Here’s a buff for you brave heroes! What?
And because there’s no buff in other raid modes, it’s CLEARLY futile to have multiple tries on a boss. Ragequit!

These players don’t want a challenge, they want better gear without trying. If they can’t get carried, they quit.
Look at the damage meters of a heroic raid group. The dps aren’t far apart and the difference mainly comes from class advantages on certain fights and maybe a difference in iLvl. But they’re all performing as good as they can. Of course some players are more skilled than others, but the “worse” players still perform sufficiently. Not so in LFR or random Flex groups. Doing twice as much dps as other players with the same gear? Sure!


Look at the Warlock...same gear level.

Same group as above, but different fight with *gasp* movement. Tanks are 6+8.


Well, I guess that’s the reason why they do Flex modes instead of normal or heroic raids, because they can’t do any better, or don’t want to. Maybe they’d like to get into normal raiding (better epix!), but nobody wants them. So I’m stuck with them. I on the other hand would also like to get into normal raiding, but my time doesn’t allow it. Even though my performance is